Vision Engneering

Video & Optical Measuring System

Combining the ergonomic benefits of Vision Engineering’s patented eyepiece-less optical measurement technology with the speed and practicality of video edge detection Swift PRO Duo is truly one-of-a-kind!
- Versatile measurement system with video and ergonomic optical measurement capabilities; ideal for those with variable measuring requirements
- Take accurate measurements in seconds, with no need for pre-programming
- Advanced and robust measuring system in a compact size
Swift PRO Cam
Video Measuring System

Swift PRO Cam is one of the most intuitive, easy to use video
measur•ement systems available. With its HD video camera and
200mm x 100mm measurement capacity, you can carry out fast
and accurate measurements of a wide range of precision parts.
• Built-in HD camera
• Fast and accurate measurements with Video Edge
Detection (VED)
• Small footprint
• Ideal upgrade for a profile projector or another video
measurement system
Optical Measuring System
Swift PRO Elite is a simple, robust, optical measuring microscope, providing accurate measurements of a wide range of precision components, even difficult subjects such as black or transparent plastics.
- Impressive repeatability and reproducibility
- Accurate measurement of complex parts, simply
- Available with PC-based control or simple, robust microprocessor.
- Ideal upgrade from a toolmakers microscope